My Medilog


My Medilog is health portal that helps users for digitized record of their health reports and information. It was our third semester college project.

For the project, we created a landing website page of a hospital. From there the portal could be accessed. The patient user, after registration can see his/her medical profile which consists of the past health status information, medications, conditions and upcoming appointments.

Similarly, the doctor user could view and update those. There were also lab and pharmacy users who could see and update related patient information and documents. The web project was also converted to Desktop application using Electron.

Technology Used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, MySQL, Electron

Team Members

Awan Shrestha, Sabil Shrestha, Skanda Aryal, Aashish Pokharel, Sirish Sigdyal

I did the backend development using Node and MySQL.

Project repo: