Hami Nirogi

Hami Nirogi is a health application project we developed for Nirogi Nepal as student volunteers to solve the problem of inadequacy in health services and knowledge in Nepal.

It is a mobile application that provides health-related information such as diseases, their symptoms, medications, treatment, home remedies along with a health forum to discuss about health related issues. It also provides information about food tips, health tips, Nepal’s province wise important health information and statistics, and offers search options for multiple medications and gives information about the dose, the generic name, and other health-related information.

Technology Used

Flutter, Node, MySQL

Team members

Awan Shrestha, Sabil Shrestha, Sailesh Dahal, Sarayu Gautam

I worked for the app UI part using Flutter.

Project Repo: https://github.com/awanshrestha/nirogi